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The Best Slip-On Shoes for Men

Finding all-season slippers is tough, but these cult-favorite glerups fit the bill. Their cozy wool construction keeps you warm in the winter and, in the summer, it regulates heat and wicks sweat. We also think the slippers’ minimal style makes them one of the best-looking pairs on the market.

- Rolling Stone -

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The best slippers

If your feet overheat easily or you want a more-minimalist-looking slipper, we recommend the Glerups Wool Slippers Open Heel and the Glerups Wool Slipper Boots.

They were the most durable of the wool slippers we tested because they’re made from one piece of felt, which means they are less prone to splitting or degrading with repeated wear.

We recommend the slippers for year-round use, and we suggest the boots if you want full coverage around the ankles.
Both are also available in rubber soled versions.

- New York Times -

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"Mountain and road biking shoes aren't as uncomfortable on feet as ski boots or mountaineering shoes, but after covering a few dozen miles on his bike, his feet will probably be hot and achy. So treat Dad to a pair of slip-on shoes he can toss on after riding while he's packing up or hanging out with friends at the trailhead. The felt slippers from Glerups are comfortable and cozy and have a thick rubber sole so he can wear them outside on dirt and rocks when he's off the saddle. The natural wool absorbs moisture, which should be useful for dads whose feet get a bit sweaty during long rides."

- Forbes -
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The last slippers you'll ever Buy

"I felt like Cinderella the first time I slid on a cozy pair of charmingly bulbous Glerups and found my perfect forever fit: a high-quality, handsome slipper that’s actually warm and comfortable."

- New York Times -

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instant invite to slip into something more comfortable

“These are a savior against my cold kitchen tiles,” says Ward, “not to mention the Arctic air conditioning that my husband and I can’t agree on in the summer.” If Ward is feeling lazy, she might even pad out to her mailbox in her Glerups, and just wipe the bottoms clean with a soft cloth and a dab of water.

- Buy Side from WSJ -

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”For what it’s worth, these glerups may be the coolest-looking slippers on this list.
They have an upper made of 100% pure natural wool, which helps temperatur regulation and moisture wicking. They're warm and cozy without causing feet to sweat.”

- Reviewed -

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Best women’s wool slippers

"Another perennial Strat favorite are these wool slippers by the northern Denmark–based company glerups. Former Strategist writer Lauren Levy calls out the extra plushness and seamless design, while former Strategist senior writer Karen Iorio Adelson says the wool feels “warm, soft, and not at all itchy.”

- The Strategist -

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"Crunching across icy snow to bring in groceries or taking out the dog is warm and comfortable in the felted wool glerups boot. This rubber-bottomed version gives you extra security outside, while side slits make slipping them on and off not a hassle."

- Mens journal -

Frank magazine

Where Their Passion and Our Comfort is Felt

The Frank team recently discovered the Danish footwear brand glerups and it was love at first slipper. Not only can their felt shoes be worn all year round, but they’re also made from sustainable wool and the brand repurposes its leftover materials into stylish home accessories.

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"Glerups is probably one of the most Earth-conscious footwear brands on the market. The leather sole is natural, the wool is natural, the stitching is natural. In everything Glerups does, they take into consideration the impact on the land, animals, and people."

- Field Mag -

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